The traditions of the place, the architecture of the Transylvanian villages, the traditional dishes and the wild landscapes made Prince Charles irredeemably to fall in love with Romania since his first visit in 1998. The places discovered in the many trips through Romania have led him to fight for the preservation of the area. Son of Queen Elizabeth II bought and renovated several properties in Transylvania (we can make a tour in this area).

"We no longer value beauty, quietness. But it is important that such places exist, where we can escape. Some of these places almost disappeared in the UK. But there are a lot here, in Romania" said Prince Charles.

Charles, Prince of Wales

Bâlea Lac is an "amazing place" for the Belgian actor, who has greatly appreciated the water's purity. Van Damme took time and went to the Balea Lake Ice Church, a unique landmark in the country where he felt very well. "It's an amazing place, I've traveled all over the world, it's a fantastic place, it's fantastic that there's an ice-built church here. Inside, it's very reassuring.

Jean Claude Van Damme

" I have seen the Sucevita Monastery, a place with a lot of spirituality. I'm in Romania for the first time, but I'm already a little Romanian. Sucevita is a temple of God. What I liked most was quietness. You can enjoy the peace of the place and you can even listen to the peace. It's very nice. "

Joan Laporta, ex-president of FC Barcelona

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